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Are you looking for roof cleaning and moss removal services in Essex or the surrounding areas? JetVac Cleaning are a professional roof cleaning and moss removal company in Essex offering our services to both residential and commercial customers throughout the whole of Essex including Colchester, Romford, Chelmsford & Southend on Sea.

Our moss removal service will bring your roof back to its former glory by removing all the moss and debris which contribute to blocked gutters using specialist equipment giving instant results. When the roof is clean we can also identify any areas that require repairs or maintenance.

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The Problem

Moss is a nasty growth which loves to grow on damp roof tiles. Unfortunately it can end up causing problems to tiles, gutters and pointing. It also looks untidy when it falls from the roof onto paths, patios and conservatory roofs.

Moss holds water similar to how a sponge does, causing it to become heavy, adding unnecessary weight to the roof structure.

In the winter months the water in the moss expands and contracts where it freezes and thaws on a daily basis. Its this action which causes the most damage to a roofs structure.

The Solution

The first step to eliminating moss on roofs is to remove it. This is carried out by accessing the roof scraping it from the tiled surfaces. Its important that this is carried out with the correct access equipment to prevent accidents and damage to the roof.

The second step is to clear all the loose moss from the roof valleys and guttering system using a high powered SkyVac System. All moss and debris will be bagged and taken away for disposal.

The third and final step is to apply a chemical Biocide to kill off any remaining microscopic moss spores which would just simply grow straight back if not treated. The Biocide continues to work over the coming months guaranteeing the moss can not grow straight back.

We are so confident in the SoftWash approach we offer A 5 YEAR MOSS FREE GUARANTEE with all our roof treatments.

Roof Cleaners Essex