South Benfleet

The name of the town originated from the Saxon settlers in the 5th Century and named it Beamfleote, which means “tree stream”. Aside from Beamfleote, it was also named as Benfleota, Beamflet, Bienflet, and Bemfleet. South Benfleet is located north of Canvey Island and adjacent to the village of North Benfleet.

London, Tilbury, and Southend Railway Line serve as Benfleet Railway Station. In this article, we are going to talk about some of the places in the area and how to get there.

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Places in the Area

Nisa Benfleet

Nisa exists to provide benefits to more than a thousand partners, opening almost 4,000 stores. You can shop for baby products, biscuits and snacks, groceries and staples, household essentials, meat, pet food, and a whole lot more. You can check them out at

ASPERA Restaurant

ASPERA serves Mediterranean cuisine for 5 years now. They aim to provide you with food from locally sourced and wholesome ingredients. You can book ASPERA for parties, events, launches, and receptions. To know more about the place, visit their website at

The Tarpot Harvester

The Tarpot Harvester serves pub food dishes such as BBQ plates, rotisserie chickens, and a lot of vegetarian and vegan dishes. They are all accompanied by an unlimited salad bar in the restaurant. Another good thing about this restaurant is they have a lot of parking spaces. If you want more information, visit them at

Riley’s Sports Bar Benfleet

Riley’s Sports Bar has the best cue sports facilities in Essex, darts lanes, plenty of TV screens with all the biggest live televised matches. If you’re interested in finding out more about the bar’s facilities, visit them at

Cycle King Benfleet

Cycle King was established in the year 1968 and sells about 60,000 bikes. You can find one for every age and purpose. If you want more about the store, their website is at

How to Get Around South Benfleet

Nisa Benfleet to ASPERA Restaurant

The distance between the two locations is 54 meters. All you need to do is head east on London Rd/A13 toward Hatley Gardens. ASPERA will be on the right.

ASPERA Restaurant to The Tarpot Harvester

Head west on London Rd/A13, and then slightly turn left to stay on London Rd/A13. Walk 73 meters to turn left onto High Rd/B1006. Walk 52 meters, and then turn left again. Walk another 52 meters, and then turn left again.

The Tarpot Harvester to Riley’s Sports Bar Benfleet

Head south toward High Rd/B1006. Walk 20 meters to turn right toward High Rd/B1006. Walk 52 meters, and then turn left onto High Rd/B1006. Your destination will be on the right. It will take you just a minute to walk between locations.

Riley’s Sports Bar Benfleet to Cycle King Benfleet

Head north on High Rd/B1006. Walk 42 meters, and then slightly turn left to stay on high Rd/B1006. Walk 58 meters to turn left onto London Rd/A13. Cycle King will be on the right. It will only take you 2 minutes to walk between the two locations.

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