Sandford Mill Museum, Chelmsford

The Sandford Mill Museum is an excellent museum found at just a walking distance from Great Baddow. It is located in the outskirts of Chelmer Village, and there are many signposts to indicate its location. It started as a corn mill before it converted to a museum. The building was built with timber, and there was a mill stream beneath it. This stream drove a vast water mill which generated power for the mill. The mill had four pairs of stones. In 1881, they installed a steam engine for extra power. The boiler used coal from Newcastle, and horses drawn by barges transported it.

At the beginning of the 19th century, activities at the Chelmsford museum expanded, and the mill was used to store traditional artifacts. Dr. Geoff Bowles ensured that the artifacts were put on display for public viewing. He also made sure that educational facilities were added; this led to Chelmsford being known for its industrial prowess.

The Sanford Mill Museum’s main ambition is to preserve and store traditional artifacts, and it has had a massive contribution to teaching this history to school children. This Museum has an engine house and a barn, all of which are used for educational purposes. It stores tools from the previous industries at Chelmsford. One of the main items there is the first World War Army hut that was used for experiments.

Sanford Mill Museum collection is mainly focused on the life and culture of people in Lowa. These items include clothes, furniture, farm tools, among others. This Museum strives to make sure archaeological tools are easily accessible to researchers. The Sanford Mill Museum is not only an entertainment spot, but it is also an educational center. It hosts several events, such as the Marconi celebrations. The Marconi hut is home to old radio equipment, and it acts as a major tourist attraction center.

Sanford Mill Museum is also home to the Titanic and ancient naval radio tools. This Museum is slowly opening its doors to the public; this is after the Covid-19 pandemic struck us. Only a few people can access the place at a time, and all government protocols must be adhered to. It is found on a cycle route in Chelmer Village, and there are no car routes here. It is home to some of the most precious tools in the country’s history. With the above information, your visit to this Museum is now easy. Please visit it for a lifetime experience.

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