Old Court Theatre, Chelmsford

Chelmsford is a City found in Essex, and it is home to some of the best theaters in England. The Old Court Theatre is found opposite Chelmsford HMP. A 20 minutes walk from the central train station is found in the mainline of Liverpool. It is a fifteen-minute walk from the town area in Chelmsford, and you can easily access it using all the major roads around the city.

It would be best to visit this theatre before 7 PM during weekdays to make sure you get a parking spot, but there is extra parking at the MOT garage. This theatre has a bar found on the first floor and has a variety of alcoholic drinks. This bar is open until 12 noon, and you can pre-order a drink at any interval. However, this bar is only available during performance days, and it accepts cash only.

It also has a coffee bar found on the ground floor. Here you can buy tea or coffee, depending on your preference. You can also buy snacks before the show begins and at break intervals. Wheelchair users are not to be left behind because the toilet, coffee, bar, and other facilities are found on the first floor. You can advertise with these theatres as a single performance attracts around 300-500 people.

The Old Court Theatre is made up of two main theatres; the Chelmsford City Theatres and the Chelmsford Everyman. The Chelmsford City Theatre was started in 1970 by a group of film fanatics whose main aim was to design a beginner’s company that would produce, create and study the various theatre and applied arts sections. The company currently releases between 7 and 11 productions in a season, with each season lasting from September to June.

This theatre is widely known for its prowess in all acting areas, and it has aimed chiefly to produce popular content and less-known pieces unfamiliar to most crowds. It has carried out its production in different parts of the world, such as Brighton. Its efforts have not gone unrecognized, as they have won seven trophies in the past decade.

The Chelmsford Everyman Cinema is a state-of-the-art cinema. It brings a creative view to the venue. It has a warm and client-friendly atmosphere filled with excellent food and snack selection. It also has excellent customer service that has a variety of classic and latest films. This studio is among the most sought-out-after in the world, thanks to its services.

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