Moulsham, Chelmsford

Moulsham is a suburb found in Chelmsford, Essex. It is found in the southern part of the city center and is divided into two areas, Moulsham Lodge and Old Moulsham. It is located centrally between London and Colchester, and it sits at the southern side of River Chelmer. Moulsham street is a dedicated conservation place that follows the line of the Roman Road.

The Romans constructed a small town in Moulsham that was known as Caesaromagus. It acted as a marketplace in between London and Colchester. These were the same craftsmen that worked as carpenters in the towns. Chelmsford was created in the Middle Age, and it belonged to the Bishop of London. In around 1200, the Bishop built a bridge that diverted the traffic that used to flow across the city.

Moulsham became part of Chelmsford during the Victorian expansion at the town. The increase in population led to the creation of a school next to St. John’s church. This school was later expanded in 1886. Before that, the area had just three schools and The British School was the most common around. Like other significant towns, Moulsham Street is known as an entertainment spot. Judge Tindal is among the most known people in the area. He was a famous judge who later became a Chief Justice in 1830. There is a statue at the heart of the city that reminds the locals about their famous son.

Moulsham has many denominations around it. There are; Methodists, Pentecost’s among others. It also has parks and gardens where you can chill to pass the time. The city has undergone a renovation that has made it reach the required standards. The numerous fun and leisure activities attract thousands of visitors who bring revenue to the council. The number of bars increased in the 19th century mainly because of the soldiers occupying the barracks and the continued development of Chelmsford, making it important for the town to market its skills.

Several industries also came up at that time. They were solely aimed at manufacturing products for local use. In 1899, Marconi created a radio industry that was converted to a mill. Moulsham was known to produce and manufacture radio equipment, most of which was shipped to various parts of the world. The rope and tent-making industry was also established at that time, and by the late 19th century, the streets were already known to offer the best shopping experience. Moulsham remains a great place to visit to date.

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