Essex Police Museum, Chelmsford

The Essex Police Museum is found at Essex Police Headquarters, in the Gainsborough Crescent along the busy Sandford Road Chelmsford. This museum mostly talks about the police history in Essex from the Middle Age to date. It started as a charity in 1992 to act as a shelter to the historical equipment belonging to the Essex Police. The museum now has over 30,000 items behind its doors. Some of these items include crucial photos and documents. Its main goal is to store the history of the Essex police force while expanding knowledge towards the public by storing any information relevant to the police force.
There are several must-see items in the museum, such as;

  • Camille Holland’s shoes, she was murdered in 1899
  • Frederick Browne’s death mask, he murdered PC Gutteridge
  • The classic 1961 Noddy bike

While at the Essex Police Museum, you might consider doing the following activities;

  • Entering the Victorian cell
  • Going through the 1915 charge book
  • Putting on an authentic police uniform
  • Leave your fingerprints

This museum is open to the public on Saturdays, but it has a special events program that aims to reach a more comprehensive client network. It stores uniforms, firearms, and handcuffs used in ancient times for public viewing. You can also go through their diaries to know how the police conducted investigations at that time and evidence collection. The Victorian police cell is the highlight for most children.

The Essex Police Museum has several police sessions that include fingerprint-making art. These officers also conduct excellent investigations at the crime scenes for children below the age of 16, which is interactive and fun for them. The museum is also open on Wednesdays during the school holidays. However, they can allow group bookings outside these periods due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The museum offers free parking on Saturdays and has excellent social amenities for its clients. You can park your car in the street on regular days, but there are restrictions put in place. The Essex Police Force is responsible for policing Essex County. Essex is found in East England and has around 1.8 million people. It is among the most significant metropolitan units in the UK, and it has over 3000 police officers. Essex Police Museum is home to some of the oldest police equipment, and some are traced way back to the Early Age to date. Its primary purpose is safeguarding the ancient police culture for people in the later generations.

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