Chelmsford City Theatres, Chelmsford

The Chelmsford City Theatres are found at the heart of Chelmsford, and they entail several entertainment activities such as comedy, acting and plays. Chelmsford City Theatres are made up of two studios, the Civic Theatre and the Cramphorn studio, all found on the city’s west side.

The Civic Theatre has a capacity of 505 persons and is divided into a stall and balcony. This theatre has a performance space that makes the event more intimate because of its nearness to the stage and its uninterrupted view despite your seat’s location. It boasts an excellent stage ability which has allowed new artists and companies to emerge. One of the fascinating things about this theatre is that it has a full flying feature that helps the artists to appear by ‘magic.’

The Civic Theatre also has a pit that provides a seating complement whenever the actor’s desire. It also boasts an excellent seating pattern which was refurbished in 2017 to suit the required standards. The theatre also has an air conditioning system and a backstage feature that makes it looks more natural.

The Cramphorn studio is a 170-seat Theatre with a range of small-scale programs such as music production, concerts and dance. It is also home to the renowned Chelmsford Picture House which is mainly known for its creative art house and live streaming. However, with the Covid-19 pandemic, these venues’ events are suspended as they await guidelines from the Administration, but they will be up and running soon as the ban is uplifted.

You can access these theatres through the parkway road, through the Methodist Church, where you will see brown signs indicating the theatres are just around. There is enough parking for all from 6.00 PM during the weekdays and the whole day on weekends. However, you can only park from 5.00 PM during the weekends.
Both the Civic Theatre and Cramphorn studio are located in the middle of Chelmsford City. They offer several venues for hire to host events such as private parties and corporate events. Below are some services they offer;

  • Tours
  • Buffet meals
  • A 500-seat auditorium
  • A 166-seat studio
  • Trained workers to help in case of an emergency
  • Discounts for group bookings

Chelmsford City Theatres is the best place to hold your seminars, events among others. It has a great space that will make your event memorable. They have a catering team that will serve you according to your interests and a 24-hour bar experience. With the above information, you can visit these theatres to get a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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