Adventure Island

Adventure Island is located in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, England. The theme park was formerly known as Peter Pan’s Playground, and then Peter Pan’s Adventure Island, and finally, Adventure Island. Adventure Island is the fourth friendliest park in the world. If you need some adventure in your life, Adventure Island is definitely an option.


Let’s find out what rides it has, some offers, and other things about it.

Some of the Rides in Adventure Island


This is one of the favorites of the regulars in the theme park because it is fast-moving, pendulum-style ride swings. People who want to ride it must be 130 cm tall to 190 cm.


Archelon was named after the largest turtle on the Earth, and if you want to have an unforgettable sky-high sensation, this is the ride for you. However, you must be at least 120 cm for you to ride it.

The Dragons Claw

If you are brave and are into extreme rides, The Dragons Claw is a must-try! Upon looking at it, it definitely is not for the faint of heart. People who want to ride it must be at least 120 cm in height.


Rage is the biggest rollercoaster ride on Adventure Island, and when you decide to read it, you won’t forget your experience with it! As usual, guests should be 120 cm to ride.


Be sure you’re not afraid of heights when you decide to ride the Skydrop. The good thing is you’ll get to have a stunning bird’s eye view of the Island before the big drop. Again, guests should be 120 cm to ride Skydrop.


The Vortex is a super spinner with amazing views. Guests should also be at least 120 cm to ride it.

Ramba Zamba

Ramba Zamba is an arc-shaped track that will give you gut-wrenching twirls. Again, people who want to ride it should be at least 120 cm.

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Other Attractions in Adventure Island

Adventure Inside

Adventure Island has Soft Play that has 6 storeys of unmissable soft-play enjoyment, 4 rides that your children will surely enjoy, and arcades with games and great prizes to win.

Sealife Adventure

Experience the ocean with Sealife Adventure because this is an experience you don’t wanna miss, especially if you’re a nature lover. This is just another experience to have if you cannot take the extreme rides of Adventure Island.


One of the offers that Adventure Island has is online discounts. Save 20% when you book your wristbands online.

After 5 pm, you get to buy wristbands for half the price. You just need to visit the ticket office and buy some tickets.

If you are a Blue Peter badge holder, you get to receive buy one get one free offer on wristbands.

Get in Contact

If you want to know more about Adventure Island, you can go to their website at You can also buy a wristband there.

If you have questions, you can call them at 01702 443400 or e-mail them at

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